Infima (in Dutch)
Het ging over Wie Is De Mol:
âLiesbeth is de mol!â
âNee joh, het is Anne-Marie.â
âNee. Jij bent het.â
âHadewych sowieso.â
Jasper L: âWie het ook is, blijf uit mijn tuin!â

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5600 MB Eindhoven
Tel: +31 (0)40 247 2815
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Upcoming activities:

Lunch Lecture AME

Date Tue 29-04-2014 12:45u tot Tue 29-04-2014 13:45u
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GELIMBO Quiz Night

Date Wed 30-04-2014 18:00u
Location GEWIS
Cost €5 per team of ≤5
Description GELIMBO's wonderful quiznight is back at last! How well are you at trivia? Are you a hero at topography, or do you know all music in the world?

Come to the GELIMBO quiz night! But note that the questions are in Dutch.

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AV 138: Election-AV

Date Wed 07-05-2014
Description The board of GEWIS for the year 2014-2015 will be elected during this beautiful evening, that will be held in a yet-to-be-specified bar. Be there!

Candidates for the 33rd board:
Sako Arts (chairman)
Bor de Kock (secretary)
Henk Alkema (treasurer)
Laura van Hees (vice-chairman)
Stephan van den Berkmortel (PR-officer)
Rik Schepens (officer of education)
Wout de Ruiter (officer of digital infrastructure)

Batavierenrace 2014

Date Fri 09-05-2014 tot Sun 11-05-2014
Location Nijmegen/Enschede
Cost about 35 euros
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Description A weekend with a lot of students, running and partying.. You think that is nice? The 42nd edition of the Batavierenrace will be legendary, and GEWIS want to participate with two teams.

The Batavierenrace is a relay race between Nijmegen and Enschede (two Dutch cities) in which teams of 25 students participate. Some of these students want to run a personal record, others want to party a lot. It does not matter if you are not that sportsmanlike, it is all about having fun in this event!
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GEZWEM sailing weekend 2014

Date Fri 16-05-2014 tot Sun 18-05-2014
Location In the waters of Zeeland!
Cost Fifty golden ducats
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Description Arrrr! The epic GEZWEM sailing weekend is here again! This time including food and sleeping on a huge boat in Zeeland. Be a pirate and register NOW, or stay a landrot forever...


You don't have to be able to sail, but we're looking for people with sailing skills who are willing to manage a boat. Indicate whether you can and want to.
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AC Karting

Date Tue 10-06-2014 15:45u tot 19:00u
Location Hezemans (gathering at GEWIS)
Cost €5,- (€3,- for freshmen) (first time at Hezemans €2,- extr
Description Are you in for some adrenaline, do you want to drive at full speed or are you searching for a way to "put a spoke in your friends' wheels"? Gear up and go Karting!
On Tuesday June 10th the AC will take you for the ride of your life, so sign up and join us!
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