Writing an article for Supremum (edition 50.1)

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    Dear everyone, The Supremum committee is looking for GEWIS-members (or committees) who feel like writing an article for upcoming edition (50.1). The theme of next edition will be "50 shades of Supremum". In this edition we will take a look at the changes the Supremum has made over the past 50 years. You can choose to write something related to the theme (recommended), or write an article about another, interesting theme. You can either write an one page article (around 500 words with a maximum of 550) or a two page article (around 1250 words, with a maximum of 1300). If you are really ambitious, you can write an even bigger article (2+ pages). Just contact one member of the Supremum committee for more information on bigger articles.

    Another option you can make, is whether you want a regular or a features article. The send-in deadline for features articles (21/01/2018) is two weeks earlier than the deadline for the regular articles (04/02/2018). However, a featured article will get a more detailed design as our design team has more time to work on those articles.

    If you, or your committee, want to write an article, please subscribe to this activity (or mail to supremum@gewis.nl). After the reply deadline on 07/01/2018, our mailing team will send out a document with more information about writing an article.

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