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Contact information
Study association GEWIS
MF 3.155
PO Box 513
5600 MB Eindhoven
Tel: +31 (0)40 247 2815
Fax: +31 (0)40 243 6685


Upcoming activities:

AC Foosball tournament

Date Mon 09-02-2015 00:00u tot Thu 02-04-2015 23:55u
Location GEWIS
Cost Free
Subscribe Here and now!
Description Greetings and salutations!

The AC Foosball (table football) tournament will start soon! Join us and show that you are the
best foosball player of GEWIS! Subscription is done in teams of two players! Please subscribe both players!
It is going to be awesome! Just look at all those exclamation marks! More exclamation marks means more excitement! Also, more fun! Yay!

Greetings and good luck!

The AC!
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B.O.O.M. GeoCache

Date Mon 02-03-2015 17:00u tot Mon 02-03-2015 23:00u
Location GEWIS
Cost -
Description "It has been a long time since B.O.O.M. organized a Geocache, but on Monday 2nd of March the Geocache will return! From 17.00 till 21.00 you are able to start with your group from GEWIS. At GEWIS you will receive a piece of paper with all mathematical puzzles that will guide you through the Geocache. By solving these puzzles, you will be able to find numbers and unlock coordinates that guide you further. However, sometimes a clue is needed in order to complete the puzzle, which can be found at that coordinate. By solving the puzzles you walk over and near the TU/e Campus. Finally, after finishing all, GEWIS will be open for a nice warm beverage or a well-deserved beer! See you there!"
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B.O.O.M. GeoCache Food list

Date Mon 02-03-2015 18:00u
Location GEWIS
Cost 6
Subscribe Hier
Description Food before GeoCache, no chineesfood
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Reunion Borrel

Date Fri 06-03-2015 16:00u
Location GEWIS
Description Reunion drink for all GEWIS members since 1982!

GEPWNAGE LAN 7.0 ft. Deloitte

Date Fri 13-03-2015 tot Sun 15-03-2015
Location Klokgebouw
Cost € 20,-
Description On March 13-14-15th, the 7th edition of the GEPWNAGE LAN will take place! Like last year, Deloitte will attend the party with awesome workshops and more. Thanks to this cooperation we've managed to book the Klokgebouw for this years edition! The costs are 20 euro per person, more information can be found on

Besides GEWIS-members, students at the Kerckhoffs Institure are welcome too.

We have room for at least 100 people, however be sure to subscribe early to be sure we have food for you.

Due to a shortage of beds, we'd like to ask people from Eindhoven to sleep at home. See our website for more information.

Hope to see you there!
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Borrel Crawl by ProZac

Date Thu 19-03-2015 16:30u tot 20:00u
Location 5 different Study Associations
Cost €7,50 for 10 drinks
Subscribe In teams of 4 to 8 people
Description The yearly phenomenon is BACK!!!1! Buy a 10 drinks card for €8 and switch borrels after every second drink. Meet up with the other study associations and get to parts of the campus you didn't even know were there...

LOOK OUT: register per person and not per team!
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Batavierenrace 2015

Date Fri 24-04-2015 18:00u tot Sun 26-04-2015 12:00u
Location Nijmegen - Enschede
Cost €40,- (€30,- + €10,- deposit)
Subscribe GEWIS subscription system
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GEZWEM Weekend

Date Fri 29-05-2015 tot Sun 31-05-2015
Location Heeg, Friesland
Cost 50
Subscribe Heer!
Description Ahoy Matey!

Would you like to sail the seven seas? ARRR you thirsty for some rum?
Of course you ARRR!! So join the GEZWEM weekend. This year we will be sailing on the Heegermeer with plenty of rum and wenches. So grab you eye patch and sailing boots and subscribe as soon as possible.
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B.O.O.M. Active weekend

Date Fri 05-06-2015 tot Sun 07-06-2015
Location Valkenburg
Cost €55 for students, €90 for alumni
Subscribe GEWIS system
Description Hello everybody,

You survived B.O.O.M. weekend last year? And you want to try again? Sign up for this years B.O.O.M. weekend!

Did you not join last year, than sign up to be part of this years weekend!

It will be a weekend full of fun, active activities and of course a fire at the end of the day on the camping.

The weekend is with food and drinks for only €55 for students and €90 for alumni. (In this way more people can join.)

We would like to know if you have a tent and if you have a car or if you could borrow one for this weekend. If there are too little cars, we might send some people by train, therefore we want to know which kind of OV you have.

We have a max of 40 participants, so make sure to subscribe quickly!
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GESPORT Hajraa buitentoernooi

Date Fri 12-06-2015 tot Sun 14-06-2015
Location Sportfields TU/e
Cost €8,-
Description Dear GEWISsers,

This year GEWIS is participating in the Hajraa buitentoernooi (outside tournament). This is a weekend full of volleyball and other activities. We have a maximum number of 10 participants (so you don't have to volleyball all the time), but if there are enough participants, we will look for a second team. So there will be enough time to drink beer. The weekend is including a place to sleep, but not inclusive food.

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