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Study association GEWIS
MF 3.155
PO Box 513
5600 MB Eindhoven
Tel: +31 (0)40 247 2815
Fax: +31 (0)40 243 6685


Upcoming activities:

AViCo Friterie Social Drink

Date Thu 03-09-2015 16:30u
Location Pondside
Description All first-year bachelor students are required to take a maths in-take test on Thursday September 3. Since this test takes place in the evening, we figured that a lot of people needed to find something to eat. So we called in a friterie (french fries-stand).

On that Thursday, we will have a social drink outside near the pond starting at 16:30h. The friterie will start selling stuff at latest at 17:00h and will stay until at least 19:00h. Costs for french fries with mayonaise is 2 euro, and there will also be some vegetarian snacks. The BAC will provide drinks as usual. Don't forget to bring cash!

FLUP 2015

Date Fri 11-09-2015 tot Sun 13-09-2015
Location Secret
Description An awesome introduction week is, of course, followed by an even awesomer FLUP (Follow-Up Weekend).

This weekend is all about the new students and getting to know each other outside of the crowded schedule of the introduction week.

Amongst others, our fraternities and sororities will present themselves with fun activities.

You can subscribe in due time through the Intro15 committee.
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The B.O.O.M. Highland games

Date Wed 16-09-2015 18:00u tot Wed 16-09-2015 20:30u
Location THEMA Field
Cost Free
Subscribe In groups of 6 persons
Description As part of the B.O.O.M. lustrum week we will be organizing the B.O.O.M. highland games. One of the goals of B.O.O.M. is to get the people from GEWIS to go outside and leave their screen.

Therefore this activity will take place outside and we will have numerous rounds of fun and active games to play. You will need to apply in groups of roughly 6 persons in order to compete in the highland games. Each round groups can earn points when competing in the games versus the other groups.

Do you think your team is up for a challenge? Register now!

May the strongest team win!

Dress code: sportswear (Can get dirty)

There is a possibility to eat with us. Check the GEWIS activities for more info.

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GEPWNAGE Magic: the Gathering

Date Mon 21-09-2015 18:00u tot 22:30u
Location GEWIS
Cost Free entrance
Description Have you ever wondered what your thoughts are about 'nerdy' games? On Monday September 21st, 2015 GEPWNAGE will host an evening at GEWIS filled with Magic the Gathering. Both experienced and unexperienced players are welcome. Those unknown to the game will get a tutorial from us and can ask for help throughout the evening. You will notice during the evening that it's all about fun, not only technical words will be heard. To top it off, the evening has no entrance fee!

We do offer you to eat pizza with us at GEWIS at around 18:00h for about 6 euros per pizza. During dinner we will explain the basic rules after which you can play 1v1 games.
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ATHENA Minions party

Date Tue 22-09-2015 21:00u
Location Cafe Costa
Cost €1,- in pre sale, €2,- door sale
Description Dear GEWIS'ers and others,

Right after the summer break, on September 22th 2015, it is already time for the first GEWIS party of the academic year. The wonderful sorority ATHENA organizes a real Minions party in Café Costa, with many bananas, yellow, bananas, happiness, more bananas and of course Minions! Tickets are for sale at the ATHENA members in presale for €1,- and for sale at the door €2,-. At your arrival you will receive a banana surprise, and the first 100 beers are for free. See you then!

Sorority of s.a. GEWIS
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GELIMBO Dieszitting

Date Tue 15-12-2015
Location Gaslab
Description As usual there will be a dieszitting of fraternity "GELIMBO" this year!

During one of the most epic and unique GEWIS-events of the year the fraternity celebrates her founding (d.d. 2006) and prince carnaval 2015 will be unveiled.