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Aart Blokhuis tijdens college Discrete Structuren:
Aart: "Wie is het met deze stelling eens?"
Josh schudt wild zijn hoofd.
Aart: "Hij schudt zijn Limburgse hoofd. Inderdaad, het klopt niet."

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Lunchlezing KPMG

Date Tue 05-06-2012 12:30u tot 13:30u
Location HG 6.29
Description A hands-on discourse on cybercrime with ethical hackers from KPMG uncovering the most common security mistakes made by large corporations. Interactively, we will develop a hacker mindset which is required to understand how attackers break into computer networks of large multinationals. In-depth knowledge about computers is definitely not required, but creative thinking capability is a prerequisite for participation.

The lecture will be given by (old) GEWIS member Pieter Ceelen.

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