General Meeting

Infima (in Dutch)
Dhr. Fransen tijdens CompArch allebei in 1 college):
"dat werkt met machten van 2: 8, 16, 32, 34"
"geheugen, da's Engels voor memory"

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Study association GEWIS
MF 3.155
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Tel: +31 (0)40 247 2815
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General Meeting

The General Meeting (AV) represents the entire association and is the most powerful organ of the association. All members are allowed to join this meeting and decisions are made democratically. In this meeting things like choosing a new board and making unappraised spendings, and changing the auxiliary rules.

The next General Meeting

Dear members of GEWIS,
On Tuesday the 1st of December, Study Association GEWIS will convene her 148th General Meeting. Hereby all of her members are invited to attend this meeting as the Code of Conduct article 4 demands.

Up until 4 days prior to the meeting, members can suggest items to be discussed in this meeting. The agenda, minutes and other papers will become available shortly. They will be posted on our website, under

If you are an English speaking member and want to attend this meeting, please notify us in time. The GM is usually in Dutch but might be held in English if someone demands that.

Around 17:00 there will be a possibility to eat something at GEWIS. This will cost around 6 euros. If you would like to order food for this, you should register to do so before Tuesday the 1st of December 13:00.

Those who will not be there can deliver an authorisation. Please note that, in accordance to the Code of Conduct article 5, an authorisation needs to be on paper or via the website (before 5 pm) and needs to be signed by the appropriate person.

At last, if you would like to request documents from the board, you can do so at the therefore determined subscription list.

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