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Study assocation GEWIS

Welcome to the website of Study association GEWIS, the study association of the department of Mathematics & Computer Science of the Eindhoven University of Technology.

GEWIS means Community of Mathematics and Computer Science Students (or in Dutch: GEmeenschap van Wiskunde en Informatica Studenten) and was founded in 1982. On this website you can find Who we are exactly and what we do.


Monday 09 February 2015: AC Foosball tournament

Greetings and salutations!

The AC Foosball (table football) tournament will start soon! Join us and show that you are the
best foosball player of GEWIS! Subscription is done in teams of two players! Please subscribe both players!
It is going to be awesome! Just look at all those exclamation marks! More exclamation marks means more excitement! Also, more fun! Yay!

Greetings and good luck!

The AC! More information... Subscribe...

Monday 02 March 2015: B.O.O.M. GeoCache

"It has been a long time since B.O.O.M. organized a Geocache, but on Monday 2nd of March the Geocache will return! From 17.00 till 21.00 you are able to start with your group from GEWIS. At GEWIS you will receive a piece of paper with all mathematical puzzles that will guide you through the Geocache. By solving these puzzles, you will be able to find numbers and unlock coordinates that guide you further. However, sometimes a clue is needed in order to complete the puzzle, which can be found at that coordinate. By solving the puzzles you walk over and near the TU/e Campus. Finally, after finishing all, GEWIS will be open for a nice warm beverage or a well-deserved beer! See you there!" More information... Subscribe...

Monday 02 March 2015: B.O.O.M. GeoCache Food list

Food before GeoCache, no chineesfood More information... Subscribe...

Career Expo 2015

The Career Expo is an expo where this year 125 companies are present in the Auditorium for the sole purpose of getting acquainted with all the students of the TU/e. If You would like to know which companies will be participating this year, you can consult the company guide HERE. On top of that, there will also be 32 company presentations which give you the opportunity to really get acquainted with the inner workings of the company that you are interested in. The schedule of these presentations can be found HERE. . This time our opening speaker is none other than ESA astronaut André Kuipers! The lecture will be given in the Blauwe Zaal in The Auditorium at 9:00. The Doors are opened at 8:45 and remember to be quick to attend for it's first come, first served! The big difference between the Career Expo of this year in relation to earlier years is that this year the Expo will consist of two days instead of one. The companies will be divided according to branche in order to achieve every student visiting companies of each branche at least once. Do you have no idea where you want to go after you graduate or do you want more information about a certain company? Visit the Career Expo and clarify your future!

Friday 06 March 2015: Reunion Borrel

Reunion drink for all GEWIS members since 1982! More information...

Friday 13 March 2015: GEPWNAGE LAN 7.0 ft. Deloitte

On March 13-14-15th, the 7th edition of the GEPWNAGE LAN will take place! Like last year, Deloitte will attend the party with awesome workshops and more. Thanks to this cooperation we've managed to book the Klokgebouw for this years edition! The costs are 20 euro per person, more information can be found on

Besides GEWIS-members, students at the Kerckhoffs Institure are welcome too.

We have room for at least 100 people, however be sure to subscribe early to be sure we have food for you.

Due to a shortage of beds, we'd like to ask people from Eindhoven to sleep at home. See our website for more information.

Hope to see you there! More information... Subscribe...

Birthdays today!

  • Melroy van Nijnatten will be 20 year today!
  • Merijn Ramaekers will be 20 year today!
  • Paul Bongers will be 25 year today!


Do you want to contact GEWIS or its board, then please use our contact page. You can also find a route description on the site.

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Study Association GEWIS
MF 3.155
De Groene Loper 5
5612 AZ Eindhoven

Tel: +31 (0)40 247 2815
Study Association GEWIS
MF 3.155
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