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On thursday, there is a "borrel" from 16.30 until 19.00.

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Study assocation GEWIS

Welcome to the website of Study association GEWIS, the study association of the department of Mathematics & Computer Science of the Eindhoven University of Technology.

GEWIS means Community of Mathematics and Computer Science Students (or in Dutch: GEmeenschap van Wiskunde en Informatica Studenten) and was founded in 1982. On this website you can find Who we are exactly and what we do.


Tuesday 13 October 2015: Lunch lecture ING

Tim Wood will give a brief introduction to Financial Markets and the types of products and services ING offers to clients. In doing so financial products and their pricing and risk management will be explored from the perspective of methodology and implementation where high performance computing (HPC) is a key enabler. In doing it will be demonstrated that contrary to common perceptions, the industry represents a key segment in the HPC market and success in both Financial Markets and HPC requires constant flow of new ideas and innovation.

Tim Wood joined ING in 2009 and has held various roles in Market Risk Management and Financial Markets. Currently he is managing the HPC and Model Integration team which is responsible for an internally developed pricing and risk analytics platform used by Financial Markets and Risk Management. More information... Subscribe...

Thursday 15 October 2015: Brabant Borrel

Dear Drinker,

The BAr Committee would like to give you a proper welcome to the area of Brabant. Brabant has many nice things to offer, like proper beers, liquor and sausage rolls. Therefore, the drink of Oktober 15th will be themed "Brabant". Hope to see you there!

The BAr Committee More information...

Wednesday 21 October 2015: AC Bowling

Dearest GEWIS-members,

Is bowling right up your alley? Or maybe you’ve never bowled before, but you would like to give it a go? Then we’ve got an opportunity for you, because on the 21st of October AC Bowling will be happening. We will be leaving around 19:00. So if you have some time to spare before you strike down your exams in the weeks thereafter, you can join us for a fun game of bowling! Participating in this ACtivity will cost €2,- for freshman and €3,- for other GEWIS-members.

Of course we don’t want you to go bowling on an empty stomACh, so there is an option to have dinner before the ACtivity at GEWIS at 17:30, this will cost €6,-.

The AC More information... Subscribe...

Wednesday 21 October 2015: Dinner for AC Bowling

This is the list for dinner prior to AC Bowling. Enlisting for dinner means paying! If we can't understand your pizza or it is not available, you will get a Margaritha. More information... Subscribe...

Opening hours, Date of next board meeting & Newsletter

GEWIS will at least be open from 9:00 to 17:00 on Monday until Friday. If you want to know if GEWIS is open outside those hours (for example during weekends), you can call GEWIS at +31 (0)40 247 2815, or look on
In the first quartile, the board will meet on Monday morning. Budgets and reckonings should be handed in on the Friday before.
The newsletter will be sent on Wednesday morning. Want to add something to this letter? Please supply your piece (via on Tuesday at the latest.

Birthdays today!

  • Lyuboslav Kakanakov will be 19 year today!
  • NEERAJ SUJAN will be 27 year today!


Do you want to contact GEWIS or its board, then please use our contact page. You can also find a route description on the site.

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Study Association GEWIS
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Tel: +31 (0)40 247 2815
Study Association GEWIS
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